Synthetic dreads are designed for their versatility. You can wear them for extra colour, volume, texture and/or length. The are attached easily, and are a good solution if you want to change your hair style with no damage to your natural hair. You can normally get around 2 months out of them depending how fast your hair grows and on your lifestyle. You will be able to wash and care for your hair in the exact same way you did before.

They are a great idea if you are growing tired of short hair as they can be attached to a minimum hair length of only 8cm. I will custom make them in whatever style/colour/length you want. They can also be single or double ended. I can give you examples if you are not exactly sure what you want, or if you have already dreamed something up - even better! If you can imagine it I can do it!

The good thing about this style is that its not permanent so it gives you the freedom to experiment with both style and colour. This may be your way of testing the waters before going with permanent dreadlocks. It will give you a good opportunity to see if you really like it and if it suits you before you commit! Or if your school/work wont allow the real thing.

So whether you are considering getting real dreads, looking to vamp up your look for an upcoming festival or gig, or just want to have a long dready hairstyle for a couple of months, this may be the best option for you.

 For more information check out the section on Synthetic Dreadlocks in the FAQ