Dreadlock extensions are popular with people that have shoulder length hair or a bit longer and would like to have their new dreads the same length as their current hair. You can loose about a 1/3 of your length during the dreading process, so a good option to avoid that. 

I match the hair colour exactly and the result will be seemless, there is no way of knowing they are extensions.

If you already have dreads but they just don’t seem to be growing, adding extensions into existing dreads is not a problem. It doesn't matter how mature they are, although the younger they are the betterThe process is customised and quite a lot of work as I mix and mould the hair individually for each dread to get the same thickness with a streamline affect. I have a range of colours available to match the hair perfectly.

It is not simply a matter of attaching pre-made dreads into the hair with a needle and thread (yes people actually charge big money for that!). 

If this is your second time round and would like some of your old dreads reattached I can do that too (without glue or thread - just crochet) Whatever you want!

If you have any questions about extensions or prices just CONTACT me – If you already have dreads, please include current pictures so I can see the shape/colour/state to give you a quote.